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Chuao 70%


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One of the rarest and most sought after cocoa varieties in the world. Only between 18 and 20 tons of this unique cocoa is available each year. 300 kg took the direction of our shop in Mont-Tremblant in January 2021. We paid 2 times more than our other cocoas which are already on average 4 times more expensive than the market price

These beans come from the tiny village of Chuao 6 km from the sea in a landlocked part of the Aragua Valley in northern Venezuela. The cooperative uses ancient methods passed down from generation to generation for harvesting, fermentation and drying.
With the advice of Chloé Doutre-Roussel, we carried out a transformation with guidelines slightly different from our habits. This chocolate has a teenage temperament!!! The chocolate blocks are aged for 12 months to soften the tannins.

We will begin making bars in summer 2022. Patience!!!

Ingredients: cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter

70 grams

Tremblant ski mountain

Main notes — Fruits


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