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Palette [palɛt] n.f. 1. French canadian. Name often given to a chocolate bar.

Bine [bin] n.f.
1. French canadian. White beans or name given to any kind of beans.

At Palette de Bine, our chocolate, produced in small batches, is readily identifiable because of our honest to goodness respect for the quality of our essential ingredient, the cocoa bean. We are proud to offer beans which we personally selected from independent producers around the world and which we have roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, aged, tempered, moulded and hand-wrapped in our workshop in mont‑tremblant.
Une sélection des chocolats de Palette de Bine
International Chocolate Awards - America's Chocolate Maker of the Year 2016

Named Best Chocolate Maker in America

Une sélection des chocolats de Palette de Bine

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