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Trinidad - Mrs Ward Santa Maria Estate 70%


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Bean — Trinidad Santa Maria Mrs Ward 70%

This chocolate bar won a silver medal in the Americas category and a silver medal in the prestigious World category in 2019 at the International Chocolate Awards. The courageous Mrs. Ward, the owner of the Santa Maria Estate in Trinidad, underwent many hardships in 2018. Torrential rains ruined her cocoa crop overnight. She suffered heavy losses and there was almost no hope. But her passion and resilience proved otherwise. Only about 100 kilos could be harvested and transported to Palette de Bine. It is with great pride that we have processed these precious, floral-scented beans from Mrs Ward’s garden.

70 % cocoa beans, 30 % organic cane sugar

70 grams

Tremblant ski mountain

Main notes — Herbs and spices



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