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Trinidad - La Reunion Estate 70%


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Bean — Trinidad - La Reunion Estate 70%

At the International Chocolate Awards in 2019, this chocolate bar received the first and only gold medal in the Americas Micro-batch Simple Origin category as well as the prestigious silver medal in the World category.

Under the sunny weather of Trinidad and Tobago, La Reunion Estate is the playground of the well-known Cocoa Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. Their mandate is to provide farmers with optimal varieties of cocoa trees. When the crops are approved for commercial use, the genetics are replicated subsequently by various propagation techniques and redistributed to the farmers of Trinidad and Tobago! These bars, unique in America, provide us with notes of tropical fruits.

Ingredients: 70 % cocoa beans, 30 % organic cane sugar

70 grams

Tremblant ski mountain

Main notes — Fruits

stone fruit


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