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Haïti Pisa 70%


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Palette de Bine is proud to have been part of the early stages of the Sa Islands Products project. This cooperative, based in the north-east of Haiti, consists of 1,500 farmers, of whom nearly 500 are women, and produces premium quality, certified organic cocoa. In 2016, with this Pisa 70%, Palette de Bine was awarded at the International Chocolate Awards the coveted distinction of being the best chocolate maker in America and Asia. This chocolate bar has notes of vanilla, dried fruit and caramel.

Ingredients: 70% cocoa beans, 30% organic cane sugar

Tremblant ski mountain

Main notes — Sweets and nuts



International Chocolat Awards Americas Gold winner 2016
International Chocolate Awards - Americas gold chocolate maker 2016
International Chocolat Awards Americas 2016 Directly Traded Gold
International Chocolate Awards - Americas Silver Award 2017

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